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The Best Chairs For Lower Back and Hip Pain

Being uncomfortable at work often reduces productivity and reduces job satisfaction. If you enjoy your job but are uncomfortable sitting, maybe it's time for a new office chair. We've reviewed four of the best ergonomic office chairs for low back and hip pain, so you can weigh your options and choose the one that's best for you.

Best chairs for back and hip pain

Steelcase Leap v2 Ergonomic Chair

Steelcase's Leap v2 chair is one of the top rated back pain support office chairs. The design is all about lumbar support and around the waist to avoid pressure points. What we love most about this chair is how gently but effectively it corrects posture.

Lumbar support is prominent and adjustable. So if you have a habit of leaning forward at work, the lumbar spine will correct that behavior. As you lean back, your lumbar spine moves with you to continue supporting the lower part of your spine.

The bottom of the chair is mesh, so it has some elasticity and water absorption. The mesh helps relieve hip pain when sitting on something that is too hard or too soft.

Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Chair

First and foremost, we love the look of the Humanscale Freedom Two-Tone Chair, with its sleek design and minimalist aesthetic. But we also love all the hip and back support it offers users. Although there is no dedicated lumbar insert, the chair has excellent back support. Instead, the subtle S-shape of the backrest supports your lower spine, helping you sit up straight and relieving overall spinal pressure.

The seat is wider to prevent discomfort from squeezing the buttocks on both sides of the armrests. This chair has a super simple look but is actually packed with ergonomic features.

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most popular office chairs. If you're wondering if this chair is everything people say it is, it is. This chair offers incredible lower back support and a nicely padded seat that takes pressure off your hips.

Unlike most office chairs that prevent you from leaning forward, the Aeron has a forward-leaning tension adjustment so you can lean forward to work. So if you feel like you'll never be able to break this habit, this might be the one for you. You can lean forward and the chair will follow you for constant lumbar support.

Herman Miller Cosm

If you're tired of sitting all day, try this Cosm chair from Herman Miller. The entire chair is made of mesh, and sitting in it gives a floating feeling, similar to a hammock. The chair is very flexible and can move with you, every curve and inclination. Flexibility helps relieve pressure on the sides of the hips and lower spine.

The mesh design of the lumbar support does not lock the support to one point on your back, but supports your entire back at the same time. Unlike the Aeron, this chair is perfect for those who like to recline while working, as the lumbar support moves with you.

More Tips for Reducing Hip and Back Pain


One of the most common causes of hip and back pain in people is poor posture. Many of us bend over, which causes our spines to compress abnormally. This tightens the vertebrae, causing hip and back pain.

This is especially harmful if you sit at your desk for more than 8 hours a day. You should always aim for a neutral spine position. The spine is neither stretched nor compressed, and the vertebrae are comfortably stacked together.


Many studies have shown that sitting at a desk in front of a computer every day is extremely harmful. Not only does it affect your spine health, it also affects your circulatory system and heart health. To address these issues, get up and exercise for about 5-10 minutes every hour. This can change from sitting to standing, or a short walk around the office.

seat cushion

Many people experience hip and back pain from sitting on something that is too hard or too soft. Using a soft seat can push your hips inward, which can be uncomfortable. If the seat is too hard, it can put pressure on your spine and tailbone.

You can buy your own seat cushion to replace your chair. Try to find something in the middle of the soft and hard spectrum. The best pillows are usually made of gel or foam, which cushions you without sinking into the seat.

lumbar pillow

If you find your chair comfortable except for the back, you can purchase a removable lumbar pad, which may help. Ergonomics often work as an overall chair design, so it's best to buy an ergonomic chair that's designed to help with hip and back pain. However, if buying a new chair is not an option, an extra headrest can help relieve tightness in the hips.

legs crossed

This applies to your office and your behavior outside the office. Crossing your legs in the applesauce cross position is not good for your hip and joint health. This is a common cause of hip and back problems. Sitting cross-legged puts pressure on one side of your hip and can also stretch your joints into an awkward position.

Crossing your legs also forces your spine to be compressed, many bending forward at the same time. Overall, this is a bad sitting position from an ergonomic point of view and should be avoided.

bottom line

No one should feel uncomfortable at a desk. Back and hip pain can be debilitating, but there are solutions. These chairs and our ergonomic tips can work together to treat your lower back and hip pain.

Stop suffering when a brand new chair can solve all your ailments.

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