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Serta Smart Layers Verona Office Chair Review

The Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Chair is another solid alternative to Serta office chairs. Serta is known for its soft and comfortable mattresses. However, the comfort-focused company is also dabbling in a few other products, including office chairs.

While Serta office chairs can be hit or miss, there are some good chairs to consider when looking for your next computer chair.

If you want to learn more about our recommended products, be sure to check out our selection of the best Serta office chairs and alternatives. In the list you will find Serta Smart Layers Verona.

Either way, we've got an exciting in-depth review to help you decide on your office chair. It contains our opinion about the style, ergonomics, comfort and other relevant information of the chair. But before we dive into our review, let us tell you a little bit about us.

You might be wondering who spends all their time writing about their office chair? Short answer, we do. The half-length answer is that the team at OfficeChairPicks.com is passionate about office chairs. We believe everyone should have a chair that fits them, especially since most of us spend half our waking hours sitting. The problem is that the market is flooded with thousands of computer chairs.

This is where we come in. We research, sit and review office chairs to find the best ones so you don't have them.

Anyway, we can talk about office chairs forever and we know you won't like it. Don't get too carried away, here's our review of the Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Chair.

Serta Smart Layers Verona Executive Chair Review

Comfort and ergonomics at a glance

First, let's talk about convenience. As we sat in Verona, our first reaction was a long sigh of relief, like drinking cold lemonade on a hot July summer day. Verona excels in comfort and has many features to support it. For starters, the Serta Smart Layers Verona Office Chair features a premium 5-layer upholstery system designed to hug and shape every joint of your back and back. The seat also features individually foam-wrapped ComfortCoils™ designed to relieve pressure in the areas you need it most. There is no doubt that the Serta Verona is equipped with a range of comfort features that will make you want to sit in this chair again and again.

Next, let's talk about ergonomics.

Verona offers us some surprises in this category. It is one of the few Serta office chairs with adjustable armrests. Additionally, we found this Serta office chair to be more adjustable than comparable products like the Arlington Executive or Health and Wellness. That must say something.

Verona also comes with built-in lumbar support and an integrated headrest. These two features combined with the overall ergonomic design of the high-back chair make it an excellent office chair. The only thing we think this chair lacks is style.

Verona style and materials

We'll be blunt: When it comes to style, the Serta Smart Layers Verona office chair doesn't knock it out of the park. There are definitely more stylish, modern and chic chairs out there. However, if comfort, support and ergonomics are at the top of your must-have list, start your search with a Serta or Lazy Boy office chair. The latter option offers some improved ergonomic features and better taste in style, but the La-Z-Boy office chair is also more expensive. In any case, the point we want to make about the Verona is this: it's not that stylish, but it's super comfortable and supportive.

The back and seat of the chair are made of high-quality bonded leather. Compared to genuine leather, leather feels smooth, tear-resistant and easy to care for. The frame of the chair is mainly made of sturdy polymer plastic. While it has a solid frame, the plastic detracts from the overall "style point" of the Serta Smart Layers Verona.

Specifications and Dimensions

This part is often overlooked. Coincidentally, this is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for an office chair. There's nothing worse than ending up ordering your favorite office chair, only to find it doesn't quite fit the decor of your workplace. We advise all readers to take some simple steps to avoid the above. In this section, we will share with you all the important specifications you need to know about the Serta Smart Layers Verona office chair.

Lifetime Value and Guarantee

One of the great things about this chair is that it is made from a common household name. Serta is a trusted brand and we firmly believe that this product will stand the test of time. Also, it is made of durable and durable materials. Rest assured that you will have access to a full team of account managers. The reason is that Serta has been around for over 70 years and probably won't be around anytime soon. As for the warranty - we believe this particular product has one, but we're still working out what the specs are exactly.

General Thoughts on the Serta Smart Layers Verona Office Chair

Overall, we have two thumbs up for the Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Chair. It has several comfortable components combined with an ergonomic design for a great seating experience. Also, it is height adjustable and made by a trusted and well-known furniture manufacturer.

One of its fallbacks is style. If you can get over the slightly odd color (in our opinion), this chair is totally worth buying. Aside from that little tidbit, it's hard to find a place not to like Verona. Finally, here's a rough outline of the pros and cons of our idea for the chair in question:


• State-of-the-art 5-layer buffer system

• Comes with ComfortCoils™ individually wrapped in foam

• High back design with integrated headrest

• Advanced adjustability including tilt, height and armrests

• Products are available in many different colors

• Manufactured by well-known and trusted brands


• In our opinion, the style is not very good

• Weight capacity may not include all

• Some assembly may be required

Thanks for reading our review. The team at OfficeChairPicks.com sincerely hope this review will help you in your office chair purchase. If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for, be sure to check out the other reviews on our site. There's no shortage of reviews, and we strive every day to find and recommend the best office chairs.

Oh, as always...

Sit and have fun!

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