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Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive Review


Ah, the Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive...if not one of our favorite Serta office chairs.

Serta is known for its soft and comfortable mattresses and bedroom furniture.

However, they also make a few other product lines; one of them is office furniture. Some of Serta's office chair products haven't quite found a home yet.

Other than that, they've done an excellent job at this. Arlington Executive is undoubtedly one of their cornerstone products, and we'll discuss all the reasons why.

In this review, we'll dissect this Serta office chair and take a look at all the ergonomic features, specs/dimensions, and overall longevity value.

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Before we start our review, let us give you some background on who we are and why we're right about office chairs. The team at OfficeChairPicks.com is dedicated to identifying, reviewing and recommending the best office chairs. We believe that anyone who spends hours a day in an office chair should invest in a good chair. However, finding the right office chair can be a challenge.

This is where we come in. We've sifted through countless office chair deals and brought you the very best.

Anyway, enough about us. The reason you're here is to learn more about the associated office chair: Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive.

In-depth review of Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive

Serta Smart Layers Chair Styles and Materials

Serta isn't exactly known for office chairs that put style first. However, the Arlington Chief is the edge needle in the haystack in this category. This Serta office chair and a few others look much better than a lot of what Serta has to offer when it comes to computer chairs.

The Arlington Executive has a sleek profile with a solid pattern. The grey base and armrests are offset by an all-black bonded leather that matches the chair's seat and back. Coincidentally, the Serta Smart Layers chair visually fits most modern office or desk setups. It can be eye candy or back pain because this baby is as comfortable as everyone out there.

In addition, the bonded leather used as the interior core is soft to the touch and particularly durable. Bonded leather is beautiful because it is tear-resistant, silky soft, and easier to care for than genuine leather.

Support and Ergonomics Overview

In this section, Serta really does it. That's what the company is known for - support, comfort and ergonomics. If this part is one of the most important buying criteria, then you should seriously consider a Serta office chair.

They're ergonomic, comfortable, and they're designed with postural support and health in mind.

First, let's talk about the overall design. The Arlington Executive features a high-back design with several ergonomic features.

First, the lumbar support is unreal. It has an AIR waist design, which means the lower back of this chair can adapt to your every move.

Additionally, the AIR lumbar feature has ventilation for an exceptionally cool seating experience. The high-back design also comes standard with an integrated headrest for optimal upper back support.

The entire seat section is equipped with intelligently placed form-fitting foam, ensuring above-average comfort. The comfort of the Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive comes as no surprise. I mean come on, even the armrests are padded.

Last but not least, you can choose to adjust the incline and height of this Serta beauty. This means you can find the style that best suits your body type and preferences.

Key specs and dimensions of the Serta Smart Layers seat

This part is often overlooked. Coincidentally, this is also one of the most critical aspects of buying an office chair...or any other piece of furniture. We encourage all readers to take proper measurements before purchasing their next office chair. All you really need is 5 minutes and a tape measure. It's not too difficult, is it?

• Depth: 31.25 inches

• Width: 27.5 inches

• Height: 43.25-47 inches

• Weight: 250 lbs

Guarantee and lifetime value

Honestly, we had a hard time finding warranty information for this particular product. We have reached out to Serta and will notify you as soon as we hear from you.

When it comes to lifetime value, buying from a well-known brand like Serta often comes with peace of mind. This sentiment applies to Serta AIR Arlington executives as our team believes this chair will stand the test of time. It is made of high-quality materials and has been carefully designed by a company that is at the forefront of comfort and ergonomics.

Once you sit on it, it's easy to see that this is a quality product that's built to last.

General consensus: Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive

Overall, we like the Serta Arlington Executive. This is a sturdy office chair and the best in Serta's line of office chairs. This chair meets basic style standards, is ergonomic, and has an overall robustness rating.

We would definitely recommend this chair to friends and family. To round out the review, here is a list of advanced pros and cons to consider with Serta Smart Layers Arlington Executive:


• High back design with integrated headrest

• AIR Lumbar System, adapts to your body

• Breathable and breathable design for a cool sitting experience

• Advanced foam technology intelligently placed throughout the chair

• Upholstered armrests

• Adjustable tilt and height

• Extraordinary comfort


• Armrests are not adjustable

• Half of Amazon's warranty information is unclear

• 250 weight capacity may not suit everyone's needs

• Only available in one color

Other Comfortable Leather Office Chairs You Should Consider

Well, folks, there you have it; an in-depth review of the Serta Arlington exec. We hope this review helped you buy an office chair. If you didn't buy this chair outright, be sure to check out all the other in-depth guides and reviews on our site!

The team at OfficeChairPicks.com sincerely appreciate your reading and as always...

Sit and have fun!

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