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La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Office Chair Review


Here's the chair we've been waiting for: La-z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair.

Delano is one of the most popular tall office chairs in La-Z-Boy.

It has several notable features and, like all La-Z-Boy products, is made with quality craftsmanship.

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Before reading this review, you should know something about us: The team at OfficeChairPicks.com is obsessed with office chairs. Also, we believe that everyone should invest in a quality office chair. The typical office worker spends an average of 5-7 hours a day in an office chair. Ever heard the saying, "You spend a third of your time in bed, so invest in a good one"?

The same goes for computer chairs.

Our team reviews, researches, sits and selects the best office chairs so you don't have to. Anyway, we know why you are here:

Read an in-depth review of La-Z-Boy Delano.

In-Depth Review: La-z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

Delano is undoubtedly the most popular tall La-Z-Boy office chair the company has to offer.

It's a consumer favorite, and it's rated higher than almost any other competitive large, tall office chair.

Delano is made with smart ergonomic systems and a solid plywood core frame. These two qualities make it very comfortable and durable.

La-Z-Boy Delano is stylish, packs great functionality, and is made from advanced high-performance materials.

Plus, it features strategic design features like ComfortCore memory foam and an ergonomic waterfall seat design.

While the Delano is a team and consumer favorite, it lacks a feature that other La-Z-Boy chairs have: swivel AIR lumbar support technology.

While this is no big deal, if this feature is important to you, it comes with the La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall model. Be careful though, you'll end up saving even more with Delano.

In addition to all the great features of Delano, it looks very executive and elegant.

Standard maroon finishes and stained wood frame styles are a beautiful addition to any office/desk. Also, the leather is a finely bonded leather. That means it's more breathable and softer to the touch.


ComfortCore Plus with memory foam technology

Like almost all La-Z-Boy office chairs, Delano features advanced ComfortCore and memory foam upholstery technologies.

Each layer of high-quality foam is methodically and generously placed in the support system of the chair.

This unique zone-based support system adapts to your body's natural curves to promote healthy posture.

Additionally, Delano is designed to relieve common back and neck pain. Every comfort feature on the Delano helps reduce pressure points and helps tone your body.

Therefore, it is perfect for tall and tall people who need to sit for long periods of time in their daily life.


Delano Eloquent Design

La-Z-Boy Delano features a rich and elegant wood trim frame and armrests.

They also have a plywood core, so the wood isn't just for display - it adds a lot of stability for a stable and smooth seating experience.

Delano also features dark brown leather with cream stitching.

Visually, Draenor has almost everything to offer. It brings an executive feel and presence to an office or work space. The only problem you'll have with this computer chair is how to deal with co-worker jealousy.

This chair can also support up to 400 pounds, so it is also suitable for those with tall product needs.

From padded armrests to integrated headrests and high back designs, La-Z-Boy Delano has it all.


Loop Enhanced Waterfall Seat Edge

A unique feature that is often overlooked in office chairs is the waterfall seat edge.

Delano's waterfall seat edge promotes blood flow to the legs, potentially reducing fatigue and increasing energy.

Have you ever wondered why you feel down in the afternoon? One of the reasons may be abnormal blood circulation.

When you sit for long periods of time, blood tends to pool in your lower body.

When you sit in a seat with a waterfall edge design, your blood tends to circulate better, resulting in higher overall blood flow.

Oh, and you don't have to worry about your legs or feet falling asleep either.


When it comes to big, tall chairs, we think Delano is the clear winner.

If that's what you're looking for, look no further than this chair. Serious. Few, if any, tall office chairs can compete with the La-Z-Boy Delano.


• Customizable ergonomic settings: tilt and height

• Upholstered armrests

• ComfortCore technology combined with memory foam for unmatched comfort and support

• Stylish maroon

• High backrest, ergonomically designed with integrated headrest

• Waterfall seat edge for healthy circulation

• 400 lb load capacity

• 10-year manufacturer's warranty


• Lacks the Pivoting AIR Lumbar technology found in other La-Z-Boy office chairs

• 400 lb weight capacity may be too large for some

• Only available in two colors: maroon and black

• Not assembled - but fairly easy to assemble. In most cases, you can also order professional assembly for a fee through Amazon

• Finished wood components are known to flake over time

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