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How to Reupholster an Office Chair Without a Professional


After a while, our trusty office chairs can start to wear out and look worn. However, if your chair is in good condition and just needs a refurbishment, we'll guide you through redecorating your office chair for a brand new look.

Reupholstering may seem like a daunting task, but reupholstering an office chair is easier than you might think. Instead of throwing away a comfortable chair because of some rips in the fabric, you can completely revitalize your workspace by learning how to reupholster an office chair.

An office chair has an estimated lifespan of seven to ten years, but that doesn't necessarily mean the fabric will last as well. So if your chair is only a few years old and it feels like it's working well but looks worn, follow this guide to buying a chair that looks and feels like new.

materials needed

• At least 2 meters of home textiles (if you are nervous, buy 3 meters)

• Heavy duty staples

• Heavy duty stapler

• Staple


• Spray glue (optional)

How to Redecorate an Office Chair

disassemble the chair

The first step is to take the chair apart. Remove the cushions and seat cushions from the chair. Removal usually only requires unscrewing a few screws under the backrest and seat.

If your chair has fabric armrests, remove the armrests as well, as you want them to match the rest of the chair.

fabric removal

Now you can remove the fabric from the pillow. Use a staple remover to remove staples from the fabric. If the pillow has a plastic backing, it should pop right away to reveal the staples.

Remove all staples and pull the fabric away from the pillow. Leave the foam layer and don't worry about tearing the fabric as it will be thrown away anyway.

Please note: Removing the staples is the most time-consuming part, and you'll need some elbow grease.

change fabric

Lay the fabric face down on a flat surface with the side you want to show against the surface. Turn the pillow upside down on it. Using too much fabric is better than too little. You can always trim off the excess, but if you don't use enough, you'll have to start over with this step.

If you have some spray glue around, spray it on the fabric and press the foam pad in. When stapling, spray adhesive will hold the material in place.

Gently pull the fabric around the pillow and nail it to the wood. Don't pull too tight or wrinkles will appear; don't make it too loose or there will be space between the pillow and the fabric. Be careful when stapling!

Make creases as you apply at the corners for a well-fitting fabric. Cut off the excess fabric when you are finished quilting.

Cut the fabric behind

Not all chairs have an extra layer of fabric on the back. If this is not the case for you, you can skip this step. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the back of the chair. Fold the sides over and pin to a new layer of material.

Most chairs have this piece of plastic that you can tuck into the back, but if not, it may have this fabric backing.

Reassemble the chair

Now everything comes together again. If you also rearranged the armrests, put them back on the chair at the end. When reinstalling the cushion, you may find extra fabric. Trim off the excess if you notice them.

Voila! You have a beautiful new chair that will make your office envious.


• The most important part of this process is to gently wrap the pillow in the new fabric to avoid annoying creases or air bubbles. Take your time and turn the pillow over, making sure the fabric is laying flat.

• Choose fabrics that you like to look at every day. If you like a simple aesthetic, stay away from patterns you'll tire of quickly. If you benefit from a bright and cheerful environment, choose a sunny yellow or a cheerful blue.

• Choose thick, durable fabrics. This isn't necessary, but it's a good idea because it's more comfortable and lasts longer.

• Make your chair a statement piece. Your office chair is the center of your workplace, so it's perfect as the focal point of your office. A bold color or pattern can bring an entire room to life.

bottom line

Whether you're looking to renovate your workspace or need to salvage a chair that looks like it's about to collapse, this guide can give your chair a new look. An office chair should last for years, but sometimes the fabric part needs a little maintenance.

Have fun with this project! You can give your chair a whole new look with any style you want. While this may seem daunting, hopefully this guide will show how easy it is to re-upholster an office chair.

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