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How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair


Whether your work chair is giving you a headache or your gaming chair is distracting you from zombies, squeaky chairs can be very annoying. But fear not, we have the guide you need to fix a squeaky office chair.

There are a few tricks you can use to stop the squeak and make your chair a static image again. Chairs are subject to normal wear and tear and usually require additional care to return to ideal condition.

So before you throw away that noisy chair and spend the money on a brand new one, try these tips and see if you can save your squeaky chair.

Why do chairs creak?

The main cause of creaking office chairs is old, worn parts. Often times, the part of your chair that takes the brunt and needs a little TLC to use again.

Nuts, bolts, screws, wheels, springs, or any squeaks often need to be oiled or replaced to make the chair comfortable and quiet again.

How to stop a squeaky chair

Screws and Nuts

If your chair is making noise, chances are your nuts and bolts are old and squeaking. A quick fix is ​​to grab a wrench and tighten them. The gap between the bolt and the chair can cause constant creaking.

You can remove the bolts and nuts, clean them and put them back together. Or, if you have more, you can replace them entirely. Small loose or rusted parts are often the source of squeaks and are the first things to try.


If replacing parts doesn't seem necessary, a little oil or WD40 can go a long way in reducing the squeak. Metal squeaks when it is rusted or worn. Metal-on-metal creates a terrifying squeak that can upset even the most undisturbed worker.

Use an oiled cloth or spray the oil directly on rusted or squeaking parts. Use the oil generously and let it sit for a few minutes before trying the chair again.

use glue

Using glue is a quick trick that may not last forever. It is best to use wood glue, which creates a strong and permanent connection between chair parts. This may seem odd since the chair isn't made of wood, but it's the best way to go.

Sit back and forth in the chair or have a friend do it to find the source of the creaking chair and apply the adhesive there. If your chair feels a little wobbly or generally wobbly, you can apply glue to the other joints on the chair to improve stability.

Replace the spring

If the springs on the chair are not working properly, there will be a loud squeak when the chair is loaded. The springs are called seat tension springs, and they allow you to recline in the chair and provide some cushioning when you sit down.

These are common culprits of squeaks. They may benefit from some lubrication, but many chairs have a knob on the back to tension the spring. This will increase the tension and thus reduce the squeak. If it is really broken, it may be that the spring is broken and needs to be replaced.

Check the wheels

Most office chair casters are mounted on a metal insert that fits the casters on the chair legs. Over time, these metal parts can wear out significantly, and the metal can begin to rust or squeak.

This is one of the easiest solutions because you can replace with new wheels. This is a lot cheaper than replacing the chair, and you can usually order new wheels from the manufacturer.

bottom line

There's no reason to suffer from a squeaky office chair when there are simple tricks to solving the problem. An office chair isn't meant to be used forever, but you should get at least five years from any good chair you buy.

So before you throw that chair in the trash, try these quick tips to see if you can restore stillness to your workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I didn't build the chair?

It's okay if you don't assemble the chair yourself. It just means you might need to do some searching before you can figure out where everything is on the chair.

What if none of these work?

Unfortunately, not every chair will work. If you've tried all of these techniques and your chair still squeaks, it might be time for a replacement. Some chairs are too old or too weak to be fully restored.

How long should an office chair be used for?

An office chair can serve you seven to ten years on average. Of course, it depends on the quality and usage.

If in a few months you have a new squeaky chair, it may not be the best brand. Going forward, choose a mid-range chair that combines affordability and quality craftsmanship.

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