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How to Decide Between Herman Miller and XChair


You have decided to invest in a new office chair. Whether your old office is giving you nightmares or you've just moved into a new office, remember that finding the "right office" isn't always easy. There are many different models on the market with unique features and benefits. So how do you know you've got the right chair for your needs? Today, we'll compare two of the top options and help you solve the paradox of choice on the market: X Chair vs Herman Miller.

Best of all, all of these chairs are ergonomic. These chairs relieve strain and muscle tension, reduce back pain and increase productivity, which is what you need when working at your desk more than 8 hours a day.

These chairs are a bit pricey, so how much you spend is probably one of your most important considerations. Before you venture out and splurge, be sure to check out the details in our rundown. It's hard to compete with one of the top office chair brands - Herman Miller. They are almost creamy. But you might wonder if they're worth the money. We've compared them to the equally famous X chair to help you decide if it's worth buying a premium Herman Miller chair or the more affordable X chair.

Herman Miller Chair Overview

Herman Miller's popular office chairs have had a sizable share of loyal users over the years. Known for their comfort and style, they are associated with improved posture and provide you with long-lasting comfort over extended periods of use.

If this is your first time looking for a Herman Miller chair, rest assured that there are many models to choose from. From the long-running Aeron, to the Herman Miller Mirra's modern design and sharp pricing, to the Embody's flexibility and pressure distribution, everyone will undoubtedly choose a favorite that best suits their needs and personal taste.

For a better understanding, we've listed and compared some of Herman Miller's beloved chair models below.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

The Herman Miller Aeron prioritizes ergonomics over aesthetics when it comes to design, but that doesn't hinder the overall sleek and functional look. A breathable woven suspension frame, adjustable armrests and a refined tilt mechanism give the chair a modern feel. The chair is also available in three colors, including white, graphite and carbon, all of which will complement any modern workspace. They are also available in three different sizes, from A to C.

Comfort is one of the main reasons people love Aeron seats. The mesh on this model is made of stretchy fabric that covers the entire seat and is comfortable to the touch while being flexible and durable. It provides cushioning and breathability. The seat also has a very unique waterfall edge that helps blood flow to the legs.

The highlight of the chair, however, is its unique PostureFit SL feature. The two adjustable pads on the back of the backrest can be bent independently of each other, perfectly adapting to the curvature of the spine. If you choose the Herman Miller Aeron, this feature alone will seal the deal.

On the other hand, the tilt limiter function allows you to adjust the backrest to three different positions: upright, semi-reclined and fully reclined. These seat angle adjustments mean you can move the chair from the neutral to the active position. In addition, the advantages of fully padded and adjustable armrests give you complete freedom to adjust your position for maximum comfort. Cool stuff, right?

However, if you prefer upholstered seats with depth adjustment, look elsewhere.


Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

If you're willing to buy a durable, high-quality office chair, the Herman Miller Embody is another great choice. Unlike the Aeron, the Embody comes in one size. Embody seats feature high-end mechanisms and a unique pixelated support system that distributes support to different areas of the seat. The seats are large and also have depth adjustment.

The BackFit™ feature allows you to fine-tune the inclination of the backrest, ultimately ensuring the most comfortable position. They also feature a range of lockable lean positions, as well as tension adjustment and independent rear angle adjustment.

However, like the Aeron model, the Embody lacks some key ergonomic tweaks. Back height, arm depth, arm rotation, and lumbar spine adjustment can be make-or-break for those looking for a specific sensation.


X Chair Overview

If you're in the market for a traditional-looking office chair, the X-Chair combines style and durability with some of the most advanced technological innovations. They are ergonomically designed and offer a variety of adjustment options. You can choose between base models X2, X3 and X4, each with an upgrade in comfort and customization.

X-Chair Basics Review

Designed with comfort in mind, this X chair features a variety of ergonomic settings and features to give your body the support it needs to keep working:

• Lean Tension: This allows you to change the resistance when leaning back.


• SciFloat Stepless Recline: Helps ease movement throughout the day.


• Adjustable Seat Height: Another great feature you can adjust. Simply adjust the seat height until your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.


• Adjustable Backrest: The chair's adjustable backrest allows you to raise the dynamic variable lumbar support to accommodate the curvature of your back and spine.


• Four-Dimensional Armrests: Easily adjust the height, depth, width and angle of the armrests as you move throughout the day, allowing your new office chair to move with you.


• Independently Adjustable Headrest: With the X-Chair, you can adjust the height of the chair's headrest to suit your individual needs. No matter how tall or small you are, this feature allows you to adjust every element of your body so the chair fits you like a glove. The headrest also has an angle adjustment function so you can adjust it for the perfect fit.


• Multiple Fabric Options: All fabrics used in the X Chair have been engineered to improve circulation, enhance support and provide breathability for maximum airflow. Flex Mesh technology uses durable mesh fabric that is fully breathable. The brand's advanced K-Sport performance fabric features a tightly woven construction that's soft to the touch. Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric evenly distributes weight to give you more full body support.


X-Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

Designed for ergonomic comfort, this chair has a 138-degree recline (great if you suffer from back pain). Offering a sleek, intuitive and elegant dynamic design, this model adds a touch of sophistication to any office or workspace. Like all models in the range, it has DVL support that adapts to your lower back with every movement. It's made of soft, premium leather for a comfortable ride and has a high-resilient molded foam seat.


bottom line

Herman Miller chairs are unquestionably premium office chairs that will provide you with premium support and comfort for years to come. On the other hand, thanks to the mix of premium materials and great ergonomic features, it's easy to see why the X-Chair is a wise investment and a smart choice for your (home) office.

While you can't go wrong with either brand, it all comes down to personal preference, especially your budget and the features you're willing to compromise on.

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