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Best Serta Office Chairs and Alternatives


When most people think of Serta, they probably think of wacky mattress ads starring these dirty characters:

After all, that's what Serta is best known for. The company makes some of the best mattresses on the market, and bedding makes up a large portion of its business. However, the shy company has a little-known secret: They make some really good office chairs.

Serta office chairs are in the upper midfield of the quality and price list. While not the cheapest, Serta makes office chairs at a cheaper price than some of their competitors, like the La-Z-Boy office chair.

Also, if you're looking for an ergonomic office chair with Serta's renowned comfort components, consider one of the options below.

Our Picks: Top 5 Serta Office Chairs

Read on for full details on each chair, including an overview of comfort and design features, plus pros and cons.

We've also put together a list of our favorite alternatives to these Serta models. You can see some pricier, more detailed options, as well as some budget-friendly alternatives with similar comfort but no brand recognition.

Serta Works Executive Office Chair with AIR Technology

The Serta Works executive office chair with AIR technology is the cornerstone product of Serta office chairs. It's the big brother of the Arlington Chief Executive and shares many of the same features as the chair below.

The biggest difference is the design in style and tone. Like the Arlington Executive, this executive office chair from Serta features a Pivoting AIR waist feature along with ComfortCoils™ smartly placed throughout the chair.

Additionally, the Works Executive Office Chair is ergonomic with a very supportive and comfortable padding and contour to support healthy spinal curvature and posture.

The two-tone gray design adds a whirlwind to the style and looks a bit more understated than the Arlington Chief. Otherwise, the chairs are very similar in almost every way.

Here are the key features you should know about this ergonomic bad boy:

• Comes with ComfortCoils™ and ergonomically designed body pillow for maximum comfort and support

• Adjustable tilt and height

• Upholstered armrests

• AIR rotates the lumbar mechanism to follow your body's natural movements

• Integrated headrest

• Stylish two-tone grey design

• Made of durable bonded leather that will stand the test of time


Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive Chair

The Serta Smart Layers AIR Arlington Executive is a decent office chair to say the least. As one of the slim Serta office chairs, it is comfortable and ergonomic.

For starters, the snug, plush foam padding is comfortable. Once you sit in the Arlington borough, you realize what a pose it is.

Aside from the compliments of the comfort and enhanced posture of this chair, it has other nice qualities; take the AIR waist feature for example.

The AIR waist feature moves as you move - adapting to the natural movement of an office chair. That's pretty good, especially for a chair in this price range. Here are the overall standout features of Arlington executives:

• Ergonomic high back design promotes healthy posture

• AIR waist technology that adapts to your natural seat movement

• Adjustable height and tilt

• Upholstered armrests

• Soft, comfortable foam padding

• Integrated headrest

• Stylish design of the Serta executive office chair

Executive Office Chair by Serta Works

Think of the Serta Works Executive Chairman as the little sister of the Arlington executives. It's not as powerful, but it costs less.

Right off the bat, it's easy to see that this chair is lighter than the latter. Having said that, this is still a solid Serta computer chair as it represents rock solid value for money.

Plus, it retains important features like basic lumbar support, padded armrests and ergonomic adjustability.

While the Serta Bonded Leather Executive Chair won't get you all the bells and whistles, you do get your money's worth and the chair will stand the test of time. Here are the key features of this Serta brown leather office chair:

• Ergonomic plush and supportive cushions throughout the chair

• Built-in lumbar support

• Adjustable height and tilt

• Ergonomic high back design for maximum postural support

• Comes with soft, tear-resistant leather

Verona Executive Chair

If there's one thing Serta does well, it's that they make very comfortable office chairs in a variety of colors and sizes. The Serta Smart Layers Verona Manager Chair has a light champagne colour, a rarity compared to mass market leather office chairs.

Serta has done a great job with the Verona - this chair features a Serta Premium Elite 5-layer cushioning system. Essentially, this means the chair has individual foam-wrapped ComfortCoils(TM) that follow all your natural body movements.

Serta uses a lot of their mattress technology on this office chair, which shows that this chair is very comfortable. If you're in the market for a light champagne leather-style office chair, seriously consider this Serta computer chair.

Here are the general takeaway options that Verona has to offer:

• Serta Premium Elite 5-layer cushioning system with ComfortCoils(TM)

• Unique champagne color

• Adjustable tilt and height

• Built-in lumbar support

• Integrated armrest and headrest

Hannah Office Chair, Microfiber

As mentioned in a previous review, Serta makes several styles of office chairs in different colors. Meet the Serta Style Hannah I office chair, microfiber and all its glory.

OK, so this isn't the prettiest office chair we've seen, but it deserves a spot on this list for a few reasons.

First, it's a great deal. Click the View Pricing link above to see for yourself. Second, the Serta Home Microfiber Executive Chair is surprisingly comfortable; what it lacks in style it makes up for in comfort and plush padding.

Overall, he wouldn't be our first choice. However, if you're on a tight budget but still want a sturdy Serta office chair, this might be the way to go.

Here are the best features of the Serta Microfiber Executive Office Chair:

• Comes with soft microfiber material

• Integrated headrest and padded armrests

• Contoured lumbar support to promote healthy posture

• Smartly placed foam padding for a great seating experience at an affordable price

Serta Valetta Dovetail Grey Home Office Chair

In terms of style, Valetta is the most stylish Serta table and chair on the market.

Now we'll be pretty straight forward - if comfort and support are your top buying criteria, you should start with the other chairs on this list.

But if you're looking for a chic, stylish office chair with decent comfort components, then Valetta might be for you.

Serta Valetta is surprisingly comfortable, with memory foam throughout the chair. In addition, the height is adjustable and there is an adjustable tension knob on the bottom of the chair.

In terms of style, the chromed metal base and unique design ensure a perfect fit for any modern or contemporary office. Ergonomic office chairs are usually not particularly stylish; however, style-first Valetta has done their best to be as ergonomic and comfortable as this office chair can be.

That's why we're writing about Valletta:

• Equipped with memory foam for added comfort

• Contemporary style for a modern work or home office

• Chrome-plated metal base for extra style credits

• Height adjustable lever and toggle knob

Serta Big And Tall leather office chair with memory foam

Serta doesn't have many tall office chairs worth buying or even reviewing. After a lot of research, our team found what we thought we couldn't find: a high-quality, large, tall Serta office chair.

Serta's Big, Tall Leather Office Chair with Memory Foam is a rough diamond to say the least, and we've got a thumbs up for those who need a little extra support.

The first thing that struck us about this chair is that it is one of the most affordable tall office chairs on the market. Big, tall office chairs usually come with big, tall price tags; however, this chair met our expectations.

It's lined with memory foam for comfort and support, and it even has an integrated headrest and built-in lumbar support. Anyway, here are the most notable features of this office chair:

• Load capacity up to 350 lbs

• Comes with soft, durable leather

• Adjustable height and tilt

• Upholstered armrests

• Integrated headrest and lumbar support

Best Serta Desk Chair Alternatives

La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive

The La-Z-Boy Hyland Executive is one of our most popular standard office chairs and a great option if you're buying a Serta.

Hyland Executive is equipped with comfort and support features. Plus, it's made by another well-known furniture company you can trust.

Compared to the previous chairs on this list, this Serta office chair replacement offers an upgraded style profile. As the look improves, so does the price, so be prepared.

We love this chair. We love La Z Boy. The Hyland Executive is one of their flagship office products and one of the most popular chairs we've tested. What makes this chair so good:

• Advanced cushioning system with ComfortCore Plus and memory foam

• AIR waist breathing design

• Advanced lumbar support technology adapts to everyone's sitting position

• Adjustable height and tilt

• Multi-layer cushioning and filling system to reduce stress at pressure points

La-Z-Boy Draenor is big and tall

Like the Hyland Executive, the La-Z-Boy Delano is one of our favorite and most recommended high office chairs. La-Z-Boy is one of those brands that puts quality craftsmanship first. By the way, Delano and most other trusted brand office chairs are high quality products that are good value for money.

La-Z-Boy Delano features soft, durable composite leather and intelligently placed foam padding throughout the seat and back for enhanced ergonomic support and comfort.

It also features a wood base and frame to give any home or office an executive vibe. Here are the top reasons why our team loves and highly recommends La-Z-Boy Delano:

• Up to 400 lbs.

• ComfortCore technology with premium memory foam

• Generous, layered body pillow for maximum comfort and ergonomic support

• Comes with smooth, durable leather that resists tearing

• Adjustable tilt and height options

AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair - Black

Recently, Amazon launched its own line of branded generic products called AmazonBasics. It took off recently, and Amazon makes a ton of different types of homegrown products, one of which is doing well: the AmazonBasics high-back executive chair.

That's right, just like there's the Amazon Kindle, there's now the Amazon office chair. This is awesome. Well, it probably doesn't have all the bells and whistles and looks like some of the others on this list.

That being said, it makes up for that with a budget-conscious, purposeful design that has all the basics of making a great office chair.

It's not a "superfluous" office chair, but it gets the job done at a very reasonable price. Here are the standout features of this computer chair alternative from Serta:

• Fully covered black leather, PVC interior

• Extra padding for backrest and seat for maximum comfort

• Upholstered armrests

• Adjustable height and tilt

• High back for optimal support

Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Two-Person Plush Leather Plus Chair

Last but not least, the Boss heavy duty plush leather oversized and tall office chair. This Serta office chair replacement is a sturdy chair for tall men, and as the name suggests: durable.

With extra plush padding throughout the chair, plus a sturdy metal frame, you can't go wrong with Boss.

It comes standard with upholstered armrests and is available in a variety of colors. It's also cheaper compared to some other office chairs that fall into this category. Overall, we like the Boss LeatherPlus. It's a good chair and good value for money.

Here are the main features that come with the boss:

• Adjustable height and tilt

• Available in several different colors

• 350 lb weight capacity

• Comes with very soft bonded leather

• Sturdy metal base and frame

Overall conclusion of the Serta office chair

Overall, Serta makes some beautiful office chairs - however, they can be difficult to identify, and some can be seen as rough diamonds. Glad you're here because we've gone through all the options and picked the best for you.

Whether or not you have chosen a Serta office chair, we hope this article will help you in your office chair purchase. If you're still not sure, we've done a lot of research and put together a lot of in-depth reviews for your reading pleasure. If you want to discover different brands or styles of office chairs, be sure to check out some of our other posts.

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