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Best Office Chair That Leans Back


The human body is designed to move, walk, run and explore. Unfortunately, that's not what most of us have been doing for the past few decades. The average American spends about 13 hours a day sedentary, so it's no surprise that they call sedentary "the new smoking."

With the prevalence of sedentary life, especially in modern jobs, back pain has become a constant pain for almost everyone. When you spend 8 hours or more at your desk, choosing an ergonomic and comfortable chair is critical. Here, we'll discuss reclining chairs, and we'll also share some of our favorite options.

Is Lean Design Good for You?

According to the study, sitting causes 40-90% more stress on the lumbar spine compared to standing. Sitting for long periods of time can cause the pelvis to tilt back, flatten the lumbar spine or cause kyphosis.

Most of us tend to lean forward when sitting, and it's our muscles that do their best to keep us in that position. It can cause pain, strains, and sore back muscles. Another study from 2016 investigated how different seating angles affect overall health: it showed that reclining chairs not only reduce biomechanical stress, thus providing more comfort, but also improve posture. We know this thanks to a study that found patients felt less pain and more comfort while sitting in a recliner.

Should you buy a reclining office chair?

So how can you benefit from a reclining chair? Not only does it relieve your lower back, it also helps you feel more relaxed. Imagine working in a comfortable position, like watching a movie. The more relaxed you are, the more manageable your work will be.

We've all seen images of a person sitting up straight with their hips and knees bent 90 degrees. This image is considered the healthiest sitting position, but not for a long time. Keeping the torso upright requires constant activity of the back muscles. Other problems with sitting upright are related to neck and shoulder strains.

A reclining office chair can ease your low back pain and allow you to sit healthier and more ergonomically. If you choose this type of chair, make sure your desk and computer are set up to suit your sitting position and angle. If you're a long-term gamer, you can easily find a gaming chair that reclines and fits your play style.

Now let's take a look at some of our favorite office chairs that can recline.

Our Preferred Reclining Office Chair

Steelcase Leap Office Chair


  If we've ever seen a chair that's versatile and comfortable, this is it. Steelcase studied more than 2,000 people on six continents and used their data to create the most ergonomic chairs. They have created a chair that offers both the benefits of reclining and the right ergonomics. This chair allows you to adjust how much pressure or force you want the backrest to exert when you lie down. You can also set five tilt positions to suit your needs. All of these options make Steelcase one of the best reclining office chairs. Everything about this chair is adjustable, and we love that. You can adjust the curvature and firmness of the lumbar support. Of course, the arm can also be adjusted in every conceivable way. For those concerned about their carbon footprint, you'll be happy to know that this chair is fully recyclable. Our only criticism is that the chairs are a bit pricey, we would appreciate the headrests.


Herman Miller Mirra 2 Task Chair


 The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is designed to give you a dynamic seating experience—and it will. The ergonomic design of this chair is as recognizable as its high-back design. While not as affordable as others, it's definitely worth the investment. The backrest is made of stretchable polymer material for comfort and constant airflow, providing ventilation during prolonged use. The Herman Miller Mirra 2 is known for its stylish functionality. With three levels, you can choose between 92°, 100° and 124° tilt angles. Yes, we wanted to go a little further, but 124° is more than enough for a relaxed and comfortable recline.


Ergohuman LE9ERG Office Chair


 If you're looking for the ideal chair to support your lower back, look no further. The lumbar support system naturally extends above the top of the backrest and is the first part of the backrest that your back touches. You can perfectly adjust the backrest height and lumbar support to your needs. The flexibility of the backrest allows you to move and rotate freely while sitting in the chair. We also like that it automatically adjusts the depth based on your weight and how far you push into the backrest. Even if you tend to sit slightly forward, the lower support will always be with you. This is a great option for those who like to sit up straight at work and recline at rest.


Eurotech iOO

This Eurotech seat shares many similarities with the Ergohuman range, with a very similar feel to its pronounced lumbar support. Similar to Ergohuman, the lower support protrudes more than the upper part of the backrest. However, if you want wider support for your back, Eurotech may be a better choice as the mesh material spreads out further. You can also adjust the lumbar support according to your height. We love the consistency of support regardless of the incline, as the lumbar support adjusts throughout the incline movement to provide consistent support to your lumbar area.

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