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Best Office Chair for Coccyx Pain


People who have to work in an office all day often experience neck and back pain from prolonged sitting. Many studies have shown that sitting for more than an hour at a time is detrimental to circulatory and spinal health. If you have pain in the bone at the base of your spine above your hip, you've come to the right place to find the best office chair for a sore tailbone to help you feel good at your desk again.

what is your tailbone

Your tailbone is the same as your tailbone. This bone combines three to five fused vertebrae and is located below the sacrum at the base of the spine. When you sit down, your coccyx and sit bones, your two pelvic bones, bear the brunt.

When you sit unevenly, you can put too much pressure on your tailbone, which can take weight off your pelvic bones. Coccyx pain can be unbearable, especially if you have to sit all day.

Fortunately, some chairs can help correct your sitting position to distribute your weight evenly. The right chair can eliminate your tailbone pain so you can get through your workday pain-free.

Best office chair for tailbone pain

Shell Jump V2


One of the most popular chairs in the collaborative office, the Steelcase Leap V2 can bring incredible relief to those suffering from tailbone pain.

The main advantage of its design is the contoured backrest, which has a subtle S-shape but retains the flexibility to move with the body. Coccyx pain is common in people who often lean against a chair and put pressure on the tailbone. But the Leap V2 will move with you, not increase the pressure.

Steelcase calls this technology LiveBack because the backrest is one with your back. Another benefit for people with tailbone pain is the large gap between the seatback and backrest. The gap leaves room for your tailbone, and no part of the chair is pressing against it.

In addition, this chair has advanced lumbar support to relieve tailbone and back pain in people who sit for long periods of time.

HAG Capisco


If you're looking for a different type of chair to solve your tailbone problem, this saddle chair might be the one for you. We are currently moving away from standard office chair designs and would like to introduce you to this unique chair.

The HAG saddle chair is great for back pain as it allows you to turn and sit upside down. This will reverse the pressure changes on the pelvis and vertebrae. This will get you out of your normal sitting position and reduce pain in your tailbone.

This chair is also designed to be used with a standing desk. If you suffer from severe tailbone pain, consider using a standing desk to rest your tailbone throughout the day.

Sidiz T50

A common cause of tailbone pain is leaning forward in a chair, which puts pressure on the tailbone. While leaning forward isn't the ideal ergonomic posture for office workers, some people can't help it.

If you are one of these people, the SIDIZ chair is a great solution. It relieves pain in your tailbone while allowing you to lean forward comfortably while you work. That's because it has a forward-reclining seat that moves with you, but also locks into place.

The movement of the seat bottom helps lift the tailbone off the seat back to prevent tension or stress. Adjustability also allows you to change positions and move around to evenly distribute any seat tension. This is expected to reduce pain in the tailbone.

Advice for buyers

Some aspects to consider when shopping:


If you're reading this, we're assuming you have coccyx pain. The chairs on our list may give you a sense of comfort, but not all chairs relieve that pain. When shopping for an office chair, pay attention to ergonomic terms related to the back, waist, area, and tailbone.

A chair that focuses on neck pain can be great and super comfortable, but you should choose one that's designed to address the specific pain you're experiencing.


Although the Harachair is the best piece of furniture in the world for coccyx pain, if you don't find it comfortable, it's not for you. The same applies to the HAG Capisco saddle chair. Some people find the saddle seat a life-changing sitting position and a cure for tailbone problems. But if this type of chair makes you very awkward and uncomfortable, then this is not the chair for you.

bottom line

Coccyx pain is common among office workers, but the chairs on our list may be the perfect solution for you. Suffering from any type of back pain is unnecessary. Back pain can lead to headaches, bone disease, and many other problems. Trying to ignore pain often just makes things worse and worse.

You are neither the first nor the last to struggle with tailbone pain. Thankfully, these pain-relieving chairs have been designed to get you back to work in comfort.

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