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A Complete Guide to Office Chair Height Extenders


If you want to reach for the keyboard and crane your neck to look at the monitor, your office chair may be too short for you. Office chairs and desks are designed for tall people. So, if you're under 5'6" or so, you may have a hard time finding an office chair that's tall enough.

Fortunately, you don't have to completely replace your office chair. There are many ways to make your office chair or yourself higher than your desk and keyboard. But one of the best solutions is an office chair riser.

These kits allow you to increase the height of the chair so you can work in comfort and create an ergonomic workspace for yourself. Read this complete guide to office chair risers for everything you need to know.

What is an office chair height extender?

An office chair height extender, also known as a height extender kit or chair lifter, is a device that can be installed on a pneumatic office chair. They allow you to increase the height of the chair if the factory height adjustment isn't enough for your needs.

Height extension kits typically range from $20 to $100, depending on quality and maximum height. Some even come with an extra foot ring so you can rest your feet.

ideal chair height

The average desk height is 29 inches, making it perfect for someone around 6'4". Unless you're 6'4", you're probably wondering how to use a desk designed for above-average people.

This is why seat height is so important. This is the only way to level the playing field. Determining the correct chair height requires a little fiddling with the chair.

To reach the perfect height, you need to move the desk up and down until you reach the ideal height.

Ideal height means that you are at eye level with the top third of the monitor. This is where you will be most focused for most of your workday. As you sit and bend your arms at a 90-degree angle, your fingers should brush across your tabletop. So the top of your table should be roughly the same as the bottom of your bent elbow.

Once you've adjusted the chair to a height where you can reach that position with your eyes and elbows, you've reached your ideal chair height. If your chair cannot be raised high enough to reach this position, you may need a chair lift.

How to install the office chair lifter

Required tools:

• screwdriver

• adjustable wrench

• rubber hammer

• Expansion kit

installation steps

1. Remove the wheel seat from your wheelchair. This can usually be done by loosening a few screws or removing the safety pin and it should slide off immediately.

2. Use a mallet or rubber mallet to remove the cylinder. It slides off with just a few taps.

3. Place the extension kit on the wheelbase according to the kit instructions.

4. Once the extension kit is attached, you can reinstall the gas cylinder and wheelbase. The cylinder should snap into place correctly, then just replace the screw or pin to reattach the wheel mount.

It's worth noting that if you have the chair's owner's manual, you should consult it for instructions on installing the extension kit. Some chairs require you to take extra steps when adding an office chair extension.


seat cushion

This is a simple and inexpensive solution. If you want some support for your chair, you can order a seat cushion for your chair that should add a few inches to your height. This is a quick fix that might make your chair unergonomic. So if you have the money to buy an expansion kit, go for it.

longer roles

Rollers are a park for the wheels you put on the legs of your chairs. You can order new longer casters to increase the height of the chair. Casters can be purchased online in a variety of sizes and materials, or you can contact your manufacturer to see if they can send longer casters for your specific chair.

taller gas spring cylinder

Some chairs come with very short gas lift cylinders, but larger cylinders can be substituted to allow your chair to be adjusted higher. Gas spring cylinders are available in sizes from 5" to 22", so you have plenty of options. Replacing the gas spring cylinder can be a bit of a hassle, but it's worth it in the end if you're comfortable.

office chair cushion

If you have a plush rug under your chair, your wheels may sink into the rug, making the chair feel lower. One way to fix this is to buy an office chair pad. Made of hard rubber or plastic material, these cushions keep your chair from sinking into the carpet.

With an office chair cushion, you can move your chair more easily. Almost everyone knows that office chairs don't roll well on carpeted floors.

bottom line

Office chair risers are a great tool for restoring short office chairs. While there are chairs designed for shorter workers, brand new chairs can cost a fortune.

To save money and fix your chair, buy an office chair riser so you can get the right chair height and an ergonomic sitting position. Neglecting to feel comfortable at work can lead to tension in the neck, back, arms, wrists, eyes, and more.

An ergonomic seating position is the best way to keep your body fit, and you can't do that if the chair isn't high enough.

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